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A scattering of islands between the Atlantic and the North Sea, Shetland offers stunning coastal scenery, amazing wildlife, some rare flora and a chance to really escape into unspoilt spaces. Access is unrestricted provided you follow the country code. You can be alone on a wide sandy beach or enjoy the music and bustle in the Lounge, one of Lerwick's busy pubs. If you come in the summer you can experience daylight almost all day and night and the darker winter days give you the opportunity to take part in the many music, sporting or cultural events. In January you can experience the Viking fire festival of Up-Helly-Aa.

Explore Shetland:
Take advantage of Shetland's Inter-Island Ferry and Air Services to explore the remote Islands of Shetland, including the northernmost island of Unst and the most southerly, Fair Isle, both rich in heritage, bird and marine life. The mainland of Shetland boasts a wealth of attractions such as Scalloway Castle, Scatness archaeological dig, the stacks at Eshaness or take a trip to Mousa Broch.

Throughout the year Shetland hosts several festivals including Up-Helly-Aa, the Folk Festival, Fiddle Frenzy, Johnsmas Foy, the Blues Festival and the Accordian and Fiddle Festival. There are several community Agricultural Shows and don't miss sunday teas in one of the many country halls.

Places of interest:
Gairdins, Sand
Michael’s Wood, Aith
Lunklet Burn, Aith